Mad dream

Ok. Have you ever got stuck in a never-ending loop? The lucid dream starts merging with your life. You experience many false awakenings? Creepy! Yes, indeed.
Even worse, you harm yourself in the confusion? People think you are mad. The moment you’re wide awake, you realize that it was serious. Both of your hands get tided! The security is standing there. Watching you.
You fell asleep again. Wake up in anxiety and fatigue. You are in a different room now. Still, there is a person watching you. A chubby middle-aged woman with short haircut this time. Someone gives you another shot in your hand. How many already? You totally have no idea but it’s quite a lot, you believe. The psychologist comes, asks you a very obvious question whether you wanted to harm yourself or anyone with the knife last night. “NO!”, you reply roughly without a second thought. The psychologist seems to be a nice woman with her emotional facial expression, a feature that a white woman barely has. She apologizes for asking such a silly question. You can read the worry in her eyes. Then, she writes down something in her folder and walked away. Well, you are exhausted physically and mentally, however, you are not able to afford to stay anymore, even a minute, in the hospital without health insurance. You should demonstrate that your mind still belongs to you and get the fuck out of this room. Good job! The psychologist lets you out! Damn it, one night in here and you have to be in debt in 2 years. Fuckin’ expensive!
Now, you are safe and sound at home. Take 3 flights, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and whole Europe to head back to Saigon. You get over the jet lag and little sickness due to the sudden weather and environmental change. You can even ride the bike in the damn crowded city with 9 million people after a week. Your nerves are still very strong.
Otherwise, deep inside, you are anxious and confused, what the fuck happened to me. Am I insane? What the fuck were those mad memories? Overlapping dreams and reality!
Now, you have a deep concern about your mental health. Again! You are serious about dreams and their psychological effects.

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