Pill the skin outside, I’m dead rotten inside. Piece by piece.
Since I have no realization that I get hurt and become insensitive. The excitement in life still exists inside me but the expectation for a certain person and thing just get faded by the time. The hope helps me survive but the high expectation kills me softly. The only person that I can rely on is I me myself.
The French language fulfills my happiness. Thus, my leisure time would be spent on watching French movies, movies with French subtitle, BDs (French graphic novel), manga in French, French rap and listening to French indie music or Paris-based artists. There is the eternal joy in the act of enrichment my French, which insists me practicing the long process with most effort but least motivation. I believe that everything spins around my life should function in that certain form too so I am able to live happy and honest to myself. Such an irrational human I am. I have no difficulty in comprehending concepts in life since I just simply follow my intuition. “What’s the point of understanding it? Just feel it!”
Though I still do hope, one day, love will come and hit me on the face without long run chasing or hesitation or healing or making up. Just the pure, passionate affection in a fresh soul that is thrilled for love.

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