Run away

I am sick of my parents. My big sister. My happiness has been manipulated and distorted by them.

 In brief, here is what their belief about an easy life. I must have:

 1. Degree from a good college/ university = Respect from people who consider themselves “intellectual” ahahaha

 Well, i did see the disappointment and the disrespect in people’s eyes quite times when i honestly said i hadn’t finished college and might never graduate. They literally avoided talking to me later. It hurt. However, it was such a relief since i had no ability to befriend with whom i couldn’t be honest. The sooner they got out of my life, the better i felt in long term.

But the more important thing is i’ve met so many so many amazing humans who can accept this different Jo. One of my bosses dropped high school and he still won friends, influenced people and had a successful career. We both agreed that school was just a cage and it worked for ordinary people who just wanted to have mediocre lives.

 2. Have a Good job = $$$$$$$ to Make a lot $$$$$$$$$$$$ and save a lot = $$$$$$$$$$$$

then get:

Big house = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Big land = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

They are basically right if Vietnam has another war. Soon. (But not in Pacific Ocean area yet, c’mon it happens in North America in around 2020).

 The fact that they went through a doggy time during Vietnam war educated them to be economical. Lived humble and stayed quiet like a clam. My grandfather ( the father of my mom) was kidnapped and died after being released from jail. Most of my mom’s friends became refugees and left Vietnam after 1975. My father got a tremendous scar on his skull from a random bomb crash. My parents were looked down because of poverty. They worked like dedicated bees. My mom just hit 62 this March and she just decided to take Sunday off for her tailor’s business to take care for her 93-year-old mother.

I appreciated their dedication, their sacrifice but i couldn’t walk in on their shoes anymore.

Well, fuck all the money. Fuck all the control. Fuck all the pressure.

This is the new chapter of my life.

Here is my happiness: Love, Arts, and Sex.

The dark insanity conquers my mind and soul if i do not write, draw, love or speak couple languages. Freedom can kill me but I’d rather die if i keep bending myself to please my parents.

Well, fuck the big city with 9-million people too. Fuck the fake society – the civilization that humans made up and got stuck in there.

So, I ran away from them… Ran Ran Ran… avec ma cherie

The bike took us to freedom

The unknown pure faces

Good sign. Good luck. Good health.
Photos credit: Somi Hwang. Check out her photos here. Dun worry, she only takes shitty images:

Photos credit: Somi Hwang. Check out her photos here. Dun worry, she only takes shitty images:

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