Square never stops

  1. I got something, something, something different.


2. Rain rain rain rain rain rain

I also travel, take photo and make video. : D Check them out on this website


3. This is not yellowish a hihihi


4. Need to get out of the city


5. Dun blame it on anyone!


6. It’s funny to see people “promote” their kindness to their moms on Mother Day on Facebook. It’s funny to see people promote their volunteer gig – a kind of instant soul wash. It’s just like masturbation, they do it to feel good for themselves. It makes me want to puke. I believe that ones who sincerely care for certain things and take action are pretty quiet. They are humble and dedicated. Their salvation is fulfilled by the act of sharing and helping people. Unfortunately, this civilization encourages and even forces humans to be fake with social media.


7. The planet has no judgement and forces.


8. White out at midnight. I am naked in the bedroom on the 16th floor. It’s 1 : 09 am, I can hear the sound of insects and a dog barking. As if I laid down on the green grass in summer. Sounds fresh and so organic. But when I stare at the glass window, I can only see shadow of long boring buildings. Anyway, I enjoy this nocturne song. I remember when I was younger, there were quite dragonflies and bugs flying to my parents’ place, I was excited to catch them. But Saigon’s population got boom, that memory disappeared somewhere during my adolescence. I also remember that in front of my prior parents’ house, there was a quite big green space. My favorite game at that time was catching grasshoppers, my sister fried them once time. It smelled good but we weren’t brave enough to taste it.
Suddenly, I have a tremendous rage for urban life. I’m sick of the honk, the traffic and the competition of human race. Squeezing my mind and soul to earn little money to survive and use most of that saving to healing my free spirit. When I was lying in the bathtub 3 hours ago, I felt bored like bloody hell. My left hand touched the transparent glass, my eyes threw to the city landscape, my brain popped up a question, what if I had jumped from this height. I really wondered.


9. City deep in galaxy landscape
I travel around here and there, make video and take photo too, check out them out. Peace and cheers 🙏✌️

Appreciate mundane daily things/

So much love with my babe : )
I just re-discovered Ren Hang’s Instagram. He was a very talented photographer about nudity. I knew he ended his life at 29 – somewhere this year 2017. From his website, I skimmed through his blog and could see how the misery had been slowly killing his soul, which was quite common for humans who defined themselves artists. Solitude made thinkers and innovators I guess. At the art school I dropped, I knew 2 classmates wanted to suicide and conveyed that in public. Well, life is hard sometimes you know.

But I think dare to live is a form of art too. Not so nice things head you hard like cold rock but you still alive, which shapes your solider mind. Only death can drift me apart from life, all the pains just left me scars. I am healing myself; it takes quite time and effort. Sometimes, it still hurts.

I always have been seeking for a soulmate or a true lover who shares with me certain mutual understanding and intimacy. Someone can make me stay and live for. I think I found one and I had a reason not to give up my life.


IMG_2906 (1).JPG

10. Foggy mind in the morning


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