I lived in 3 countries last year and kept moving around Vietnam for travel this year. I thought hard when took any physical things, I didn’t want to possess and carry much stuff. For a while, I just commuted back and forth with a backpack.
My life had been nourished by experiences and culture appreciation. It’s overwhelming sometimes since the travel burned out my mental strength. I didn’t have many friends left. I felt lost in my own hometown. I didn’t have a statable job (still haha). During that hard time, drawing and writing saved my life. Moreover, I’m truly happy with all the care and support from my love : ) 나를 사랑 해줘서 고마워

Then I believe I can keep living this nomad for a while.

Here, there are some free spirit humans that hopefully can give you some inspiration. Besides the tender theme music and the pretty easy storyteller style, they are good references.




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