Photo Archive from my travel around the world – Taipei (P.1)

In September 2016, I had been to Taipei (5 days) , Phnom Penh (1 night and half alone), Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa (almost 2 months) and Montréal.


Before leaving. Images were taken from my mom’s place.



Taipei 9/2016




On the way to JiuFen mountain (núi Cửu Phần), the Taiwanese were so nice. The young man in black T-shirt was willing to walk us to the bus. I had no idea about the history about this area, I didn’t even do any research in advance and just followed my sister. The funny thing was Jiufen reminded me of the movie Spirited Away directed by Miyazaki and it ended up that Jiufen actually became popular in 2001 due to its resemblance to the spiritual town animated. Even though the director himself denied that he took this certain place as the model for his most successful artwork. Well, it’s not a big surprise though since nothing is new under the sun.










I actually was crying when took those picture. Because the bus back to Taipei was on high demand and 2 mean Chinese tourist took the line to get our seats even we came first so I had to stand for a little while. I didn’t mind at all but I hate argument. For pack-backer (or dân phượt), it was nothing since the unexpected accident or problem could come up anytime but the complaint pissing me off. Fortunately, the bus driver was nice enough to wave at me and communicate with his broken English in order to let me pay reduced fee.


The photos reminded me that Pokémon Go was extremely popular at this time. Back to the travel, I think we were at Rao He st. night market, I paid a visit to the Buddist pagoda while my sister and her friend were chilling at the market.


I think I wasn’t supposed to take photos inside the pagoda. However, as a traveller, I could take the benefit of alienation. Who cared as long as I would love to go for art. I respected the Buddhist and I simply just documented the experience for further study not for any harmful intention.






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