Portfolio responsive web

It was my assignment for Interactive class, the key was to create a responsive website with bootstrap so the design can be statable with many devices and platforms such as mobile, tablet and big screens like MacPro or PC. I took the carousel template from MDB bootstrap and modified a bit to fit with my concept. Yes, it was developed in HTML and CSS language in Sublime. Since I am a visual artist with no coding background, those simple tasks really took me a couple headaches. It was very funny to say but I was very proud of myself to find the code for making my portfolio video autoplay. FYI, it was

 <div class=”embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9″> / the embed is the bootstrap 



frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen>


the video code, usually it would be 8 letters after “watch?v=qom” 

youtube code.jpg

Somehome, the auto loop playlist didn’t work for me. I read somewhere in Stackoverflow that Chrome didn’t allow loop video anymore. Anyway, this code functions like a charm if you want a simple full-screen autoplay video.

By the way, I should ask my lecturer and tech friends to help me upload this project to my WordPress page.


The theme is the cyborg me in Posthuman age. Also, I got the feeling of dying soon after many sleepless days working on rendering scenes in Unity at night and working for little money in the daytime to feed my passion. It was a pretty hard time, fortunately, things have got a little bit easier now since my teaching wage got double and my skills and knowledge about Unity have enriched by the time. Moreover, I know that I have choices to work with artists that I feel comfortable with instead of suffering in the very beginning of my career.






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