Dark Gallery

I sold my first VR project! I proposed the VR experiment to my boss, Truc-Anh the painter, and let him experienced with VR cardboard. He was quite interested and asked me to build a virtual space like a diamond shape instead of a conventional cube. It took me a week to develop the space from rough sketches to cardboard. During the process, I have some obstacles with texture, camera, and collider, you can look at my journal for some helpful solutions.

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The gallery based on the octagon with 8 sides then we build up the wall, the ceiling, and the base without the ground to create the illusional enigma. The gallery is to exhibit murals of dense collage portraits in black and white, which brings certain discomfort and haunt toward the audience. The experience would be considered overwhelming and pretty intensive.
Music: Alone in Kyoto by Air

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