Saigon retro

I’ve been stuck for couple days.

I feel trapped in the digital world. Laptop. Top-notch softwares. Technology. They are not my religion.

Am I the analog one in this cruel world, aren’t I? I love narrative, aesthetic sense, and appreciation of cultural diversity.

I  barely make any work this week and I sleep through the morning. I try to get a casual job to feed myself in Sydney, a very expensive city. I burnt my left arm the other day while frying egg.

Things are not very easy for an outlander. But I guess, it would be just the start of an awesome journey.


Started with neon then retro idea, the video turned to a contribution for Saigon before 1975 when it came to the sound effect. I would love to create some Asian or Viet sense so the tune “Saigon dep lam, Saigon oi, Saigon oi” popped up in my brain. Later, I was so moved by the old footage of Saigon. It was so gorgeous, I cried. Thus, I decided to give more space for the old theme and that was how the video came out.


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