Some drawings for the start of my new life in Australia

I’ve stayed in Australia for 3 months and 2 days already. I lived in Sydney, Brisbane and now Melbourne, one month in each city. It was quite tough to get a job even as a waitress here. I tried 5 places as a handy girl, dishwasher, waitstaff and no one wanted to hire me after the trial. I was clumsy, slow and totally unfamiliar with the fast-paced working environment. Hum, with computer and things but not physical labor then. Fortunately, from my sister’s recommendation, I got an office job in Sunshine North, Victoria where is 40-minute away from Melbourne CBD by public transportation.

It took me a while to head back to my artist life again since all my energy was spent on finding jobs and surviving in a new country. I decided not to study Design at school anymore but preferred being a long-life self-taught student from online resources. I’d rather study something down-to-earth for a certain qualification to afford my living cost. Actually, tonight, to treat me after hard work, I bought 3 online classes on Udemy about Blender modeling, realistic lighting in Unity and AR apps controlled by voice. From a workshop at a schooled called TAB in Chippendale area, Sydney, I learned that CGI also a good website to dive in for solid knowledge from the real veterans in the game and VFX industry. I promise to create more video works and 3D environments in a couple weeks.

Back to the drawings, I draw every day as mediation during lunch break or the evenings after work (I work 7 days a week, now 5 days since I have school to maintain my stay in Australia). Also, this practice not only calms me down, warm my heart but also improves my visual taste in many ways. Ok, that’s enough talking. Let’s enjoy : D



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