3D model of Sá xị (Viet beer root) can

Sá Xị Chương Dương – Viet beer root by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab


I’ve just got a stuffed can of Viet root beer (la recinette) so I decided to make a 3D model of it. Sá xị is the childhood drink of many Saigonese but unfortunately the local beverage brand can’t compete with giant corporations invading Vietnam lately. I downloaded the can model from Sketchfab and remade the cover in Photoshop with reference from Sá xị can available online. Then, I put the 3D model in a tropical scene with banana 🍌 and coconut 🌴 trees in Unreal for the countryside feeling or at least the pre-urbanization life I grew up with.

You can download the model on my Patreon.

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