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 Self-healing playlist cures boredom and plain mind in a constant daydreaming soul.



I knew that my hearing was quite sensitive and I always wondered how to make sound without any knowledge of music theory and playing any instruments. Finally, thing happened during the quarantine in Saigon, in July 2021, having all time in this world in hand, I got an Arturia minilab midi controller which gave me the power to make tracks in the most effortless way in real-time with hundred thousands of samples. I had a Touchme midi but this was really my thing. I used Audacity to record and built the layers, applied simple effects and mastered the tracks. I’d used this method ever since and it lifted me up in the most unproductive days when I really needed a time out from 3d render or code art.


Once time a producer approached me to make a track for his coming EP but when I revealed my workflow with samples and Audacity, I guess he was disappointed since it seemed not professional and original enough. But when I opened a mini art bar with my flatmates and we had quite musicians coming as regulars, I once discussed with them about the way they made music. We all agreed that it didn’t matter about the softwares but your creativity. Indeed, “nothing is new under the sun” and if you haven’t watched documentary called “Everything is a remix”, check it out!


                                                      Stool Odessey series 

                                                                           January 2022, Stool Odessey The Beginning, Art Fair Saigon, Park Hyatt, Saigon

                                                                           January 2022, Stool Odessey 4.5, Dream of Foreign Land, Mo Art Space, Hanoi

 Stool Odyssey 4.5 reveals the evolution of South East Asia through Steampunk, Cyberpunk and the beginning of life. The stool is quite a presentation of the street life in Saigon and many cities in same region where people enjoy socializing outdoor on the pavement. Teleporting through quite imaginary spaces, the stools transform themselves into different  contexts. There are the latest  videos of a daily object series that explores the concept of capturing the Vietnamese mundane in such a surreal and dreamy world as an  escape from urban reality.  


                                                     NFTS on Foundation



Surreal dreamy narrative



Cyber faces and stool scupltures


Drawing / Space

Mythology creatures created with Quill x Immersive space on Mozilla Hub


VJ / Visual loop

Abstract generative art made with Touchdesigner

The great artists of tomorrow will go underground.

Marchel Duchamp

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.


If you don't ask, the answer is always No.

Jo Ngo