Where do the fishes go?


And the fishes left the downtown behind

The city was deep in a profound emptiness

Where do they go?

A short animation made during the shutdown due to coronavirus.

Music: It was beautiful by Trang Ly

You can talk to me – Stop victim-blaming in Vietnam

I’m so glad to be a part of this project to raise the awareness of people about the victim of sexual harassment.

This is the first exhibition ever that I work closely with the art director to give straightforward, not so abstract and thoughtful messages to the audience. Besides that, I also collaborate with iSEE and SOS (Share our Stories) for the Virtual Reality experience and my artist friend Mai Ka for the Augmented Reality work.

With the tight schedule and pressure, I can grab the skill to render and edit 360 videos quickly. It is extremely stressful but I’m pretty happy with this new achievement since it opens a totally new orientation about new media filming to me. I believe in the near future, I would create quite 360 short films from my original 3D drawings with Quill or Tilt Brush.

About the art engagement, few audiences even write down on the board about the reason they didn’t report after interacting with the AR app in the tablet, which truly melts my heart. One even bursts into tears after watching the video. Suddenly, I can really see the meaning and reason to create more work for the public. Make them laugh, make them cry nothing in between.

Ideally, the AR on portraits should have had a motion loop for a more appealing effect. But I couldn’t make it with my tablets so I exported the app later to a friend’s phone and it worked like a charm. 🌿🌿🌿

Also, thanks to Phạm Khắc Thắng advice, I added a portrait in a warm color for adapting to the larger space in Hanoi. It was a last-minute update 🌸 As you may notice, the portrait in the middle was pretty queer. Yes, it presented the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community where god was neither man nor woman. Plus, the muse was also gay herself. I was pretty much content with this update 💜🤗

Again, many many thanks to my beloved fellow artist Mai Ka, I was glad that quite persons were moved by our collaboration. Thanks, Hanoi grapevine for such a dedicated review: shorturl.at/inAKS






Particles with TouchDesigner


Tada! After a while sticking with 3D render in Unreal Game Engine, I want to have a fresh start with something totally new and crucial to learn, particles in TouchDesigner! It ends up easier than I thought.

Here are 2 works I just created last night and this morning. Music by my friend, Truong Hoc Si.