Fire temple in the bushland

Just a memoir of bushland on my trip to the outback 3 years ago. The semi-desert in Alice Spring and around Urulu was one of the most striking scenes I’d seen in my life.

Music video This Empty Town

After the severe flood and tornadoes, on top of the COVID-19 affects , Quảng Nam as well as many central provinces in Vietnam is in great destruction. The animation with some aftermaths scene from Hội An ancien town and An Bàng beach brings some message from the reality but also creates a poetic and dreamy beauty in abandoned places.

Making original 3D modeling in Blender

Any typical Viet boat has 2 eyes to scare the monsters under water and get the support from dolphin or whale

Viet Boat by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Some lanterns exclusively from Hoian but I use the pattern from Ly-Tran dynasty with some twist

Long Lantern Line from Hoian by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Hoian Lanterns by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Hoian scene building

Where do the fishes go?


And the fishes left the downtown behind

The city was deep in a profound emptiness

Where do they go?

A short animation made during the shutdown due to coronavirus.

Music: It was beautiful by Trang Ly

Animal Crossing

This is a brief video about the 3D environment of my virtual reality project. The audience can work inside and explore this forest with Google Cardboard, HTC VIVE or Oculus headset.