Where do the fishes go?


And the fishes left the downtown behind

The city was deep in a profound emptiness

Where do they go?

A short animation made during the shutdown due to coronavirus.

Music: It was beautiful by Trang Ly

Animal Crossing

This is a brief video about the 3D environment of my virtual reality project. The audience can work inside and explore this forest with Google Cardboard, HTC VIVE or Oculus headset.

Twoism / After the rain exhibition

Two _____
The series of cube in landscape
A part of visual set for the live performance on After the rain opening night
The music made a while ago when I first played around with live coding music software called Sonic Pi


Hai họ mùa

Landscape stop motion for After the rain exhibition at Common 9 this 17th at 7pm

Thơ: Mùa Sạch của Trần Dần

Lời: Lê Khánh