Exposure game

Bonjour à tous, ça va?
Aujourd’hui est dimanche mai je reste à maison pour cuisiner un jeu et une vidéo. S’il te plaît suive, aime et comment. 💩💩💩 Le concept est de retourner aux cubes.
Grand merci : ) Ciao 👋
Musique: Far Nearer par Jamie XX


Acid girl

No one in the architecture industry doesn’t know Falling Water designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. But you don’t have to travel to Pennsylvania to experience this masterwork, Acid girl would let you explore the trippy interior and architecture experience as long as enigma landscape surrounding. Get high and educate yourself at the same time, what else you can ask for?

For the working process:

I actually did take 1/2 dose for research purpose. To build up a virtual psychedelic world, I’m supposed to experiment in a vivid way. This is how I see the world when I am on LSD : )


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