Day 13 and 14: Drops in the deepest ocean

Take a break from intense learning Blender, I shift my focus on making sound in the next couple days since I’ve just bought a new midi controller. Yay!

This morning I woke up by the heavy rain and I was so motivated to discover new sound pack. You can listen to my ambience track I’ve just made this morning here:

Short version with visual

Day 12: Blind crane and the moon

I composed a track for this special animation which took me so much effort to rig, re-rig characters, render again and again : D

Learning Rigify, camera tracking, making starry night with aurora in Blender.

Day 11: Sex art love

Learning Cloth effect and experiencing with Materials. I am very surprised of how easy it could be for simulating cloth and sewing is also supported in Blender.

Add some messages in Graffiti font in last minutes and I am pretty happy with it

The sound just like how magical transformation in Journey to the West which works quite well with the motion haha

Day 8 and 9: Liquid girl

Learning Fluid simulation and make lighting from HDRI in Blender
I keep rotating the HDRI till I get the nice lighting transparent effect on the drops

Day 7: Vampire Romance

Sound by Chaulichi

This daily practice sharpens my rigging skill. I am very happy with the sequence between 2 characters, even with little edit from Mixamo motion makes the huge difference.

Unreal is usually my weapon but I can’t export the mesh of twisted vampire so I decide to render in Blender and grab basic lighting skill real quick to make this epic effect. I find more interest and confidence to work natively in Blender after this work even the render process is such a pain the ass : D I am definitely more motivated to learn more effects like soft body, fluid, physics in 3D. Woo hoo, hopefully, I become a better animator.