Fire temple in the bushland

Just a memoir of bushland on my trip to the outback 3 years ago. The semi-desert in Alice Spring and around Urulu was one of the most striking scenes I’d seen in my life.

Music video This Empty Town

After the severe flood and tornadoes, on top of the COVID-19 affects , Quảng Nam as well as many central provinces in Vietnam is in great destruction. The animation with some aftermaths scene from Hội An ancien town and An Bàng beach brings some message from the reality but also creates a poetic and dreamy beauty in abandoned places.

Making original 3D modeling in Blender

Any typical Viet boat has 2 eyes to scare the monsters under water and get the support from dolphin or whale

Viet Boat by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Some lanterns exclusively from Hoian but I use the pattern from Ly-Tran dynasty with some twist

Long Lantern Line from Hoian by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Hoian Lanterns by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Hoian scene building

3D model of Sá xị (Viet beer root) can

Sá Xị Chương Dương – Viet beer root by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab


I’ve just got a stuffed can of Viet root beer (la recinette) so I decided to make a 3D model of it. Sá xị is the childhood drink of many Saigonese but unfortunately the local beverage brand can’t compete with giant corporations invading Vietnam lately. I downloaded the can model from Sketchfab and remade the cover in Photoshop with reference from Sá xị can available online. Then, I put the 3D model in a tropical scene with banana 🍌 and coconut 🌴 trees in Unreal for the countryside feeling or at least the pre-urbanization life I grew up with.

You can download the model on my Patreon.

The loner n the nomad

The loner.

Solitude is just a part of our life. We just need to accept and adapt to it.



Anh em bảo bọc ta
Lấy đất làm miếng đệm
Biến trời thành tấm chăn
Thiên hạ bao la nơi đâu cũng là nhà. ——
Da brothers cover my back
I have the Ground make my bed
I turn the Sky into my blanket
In this gigantic world, home is all over the places.

great man 3great man 4great man world

God is a girl

I sprayed my hair in white for 3D scanning then I played around with Unity and hologram effect to create the strong sense of my spiritual world. Well, you can say it’s a self-portrait.



Burning eye

Burning eye is inspired by the artwork of Kevin Lucbert.
I am so into isometric architecture, perpetual motion, and surreal works.


I build the 3D model in Magica Voxel based on this drawing. Then, I play around with the color and lighting. Here is the work

burning eye 1burning eye 2burning eye 3burning eye 4burning eye 5burning eye close upburning eye detailburning eye landscape

Melancholy island

3D is not that hard, Magica Voxel can be a fun start for newbies. I did have a lot of fun when I play around with this software. It’s a free lightweight 8-bit voxel art editor and interactive path tracing renderer.


Also, if you use light color light yellow and use the glow effect it can be this shiny and I use it as a source of lighting.

chill moutaincold cold islandcold final detailcold island 2cold island 4cold overviewdonetoo cold island