Circular transform

Có 9 giây thôi mà mất nửa ngày ; )

An experiment with motion, I made these graphic elements with Transform effect in Adobe Illustrator and exported frame by frame and worked on Premiere to make this. If I had a more powerful laptop and some knowledge of After Effect, the process would be way more faster but yeah it took me literally half of the day for 9-second video!





twister colossal 1



wheel 33




Pastel Xray

I’m inspired by the Blending tool in Adobe Illustrator and the gorgeous shapes in nature.

In Vietnam, people name this flower “Sứ”, I have no idea how it’s called in English.


Tried my best to make it move : O it took 4 hours. My startup dish was full and I couldn’t find the cable of my hard disk so I needed to keep deleting old softwares and junk files. This file took 1.5 GB in space.