The Look

They say,
we are too young
we are such kiddos
we are so spontaneous
we are so careless
so irrational
deep in the chaotic madness
we live like we don’t have tomorrow

The look, the age does matter to them
they dunno how much we suffer
they dunno how many times we feel dead inside
and reborn like poppies in springtime
we’re just simply young pure souls
bravery makes us go all the long way
fall damn hard and stand up as the soldier
never show fear, never show tear
never ask for sympathy, just the company
never look back, never regret

Only death can rip off our hope
all dat pains just leave us some scars
We move the world
We change people mind
We are the youth
We are the future
Please all the grumpy ordinary seniors,
shut the fuck off if you dunno “we”.

The loner n the nomad

The loner iwh



Anh em bảo bọc ta
Lấy đất làm miếng đệm
Biến trời thành tấm chăn
Thiên hạ bao la nơi đâu cũng là nhà. ——
Da brothers cover my back
I have the Ground make my bed
I turn the Sky into my blanket
In this gigantic world, home is all over the places.

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Parrtjima – A lighting festival in the desert

As a visual artist who is into installation and interactive, I came all the way long from Melbourne and took a couple days off to see the Parrtjima festival in Alices Springs.

Painting projection – This installation is such a success since it draws a lot of attention and interaction (from kids). A good reference for both motion and interactive design

The signature performance ‘The language of country” Ankhentype Aere-kenhe of kinship from the aboriginal culture in the outback during Parrtjima Lighting Festival 2019. Two kilometers of the MacDonnell Ranges would be the vivid canvas for a series of significant lighting effects.