Somehow I am just very obsessed with brokenness, damaged and ruined space. The destruction is actually a crucial element for any fresh cycle.







Desert Night

I was inspired a lot by shiny particles and desert because of the bushland spirit in Australia.


Just a combination of Milky Way skybox, appealing particles and a cheesy song I was keen on back to my teenage.


I actually took a model of Uluru here. It was made after my trip to Alice Springs in Northern Territory


I am actually very proud of this video since I experimented with camera depth and reverse the footage to twist the narrative. Basically, it’s about the death of pure humans in the apocalypse.

fire in Paris 1fire in Paris 2fire in Paris 3



This is more about technical, just try to achieve something after a long day at work.

The loner n the nomad

The loner.

Solitude is just a part of our life. We just need to accept and adapt to it.



Anh em bảo bọc ta
Lấy đất làm miếng đệm
Biến trời thành tấm chăn
Thiên hạ bao la nơi đâu cũng là nhà. ——
Da brothers cover my back
I have the Ground make my bed
I turn the Sky into my blanket
In this gigantic world, home is all over the places.

great man 3great man 4great man world