Adelaide – a little old, small city

It was nice that the University of Adelaide, State Library, Art Gallery of South Australia and Museum of Science were next to each other in a nice spot in downtown Adelaide.

Uluru – The longest day trip in the world 🌍

It was a lovely almost ridiculous surprise that I pumped into the Uluru by accident. I had no bloody idea about the Rock til I took a flight to Alice Springs. It was an intensive but nice experience to see the unique natural landscape at Uluru and Kata Tjuta national park. Also, I learned more about aboriginal cultures, the rock art, the waterhole, the respect they gave for the old bushland.

Reptile Centre in Alice Springs

I just tried to be a smart tourist in a wild desert area by visiting the reptile centre in Alice Springs for some crucial survival skills. In case, I got a bite from a snake, who knew haha.


Desert Walk to the Teleport

I grow up in a big city jammed by 9 million people so it’s a very strange thing for me to visit the land of plenty time. Nothing can bother or amuse people in Alice Springs, the Parrtjima festival is not a big deal with them either. Besides the town centre and residency area, wild animals such as red kangaroos, rock wallabies, snakes, and dingos are active in the desert 🌵 It’s not a surprise for the neighborhood if a kangaroo just jumps in and kicks out everything in the backyard. And yes, that morning, I and my mate Jess saw all those wild animals, there was even a big corpse on the way and a dingo staring at us from far far away. Thank god, we got out there safe and sound.



Escher x nendo at National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

My orientation about Melbourne was very amazing, “What an artsy city,  art is everywhere.” I and a friend stayed in Collingwood, where used to be a place for junkies and working-class then turned into a cool spot to hang out for creatives. Jamaica Plain in Boston also shared a familiar story.

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) was definitely on the top of my list and I was so thrilled by the exhibition named Escher x nendo there. It was a huge success and it took more than 30 minutes to queue even we bought the online ticket already. For people paying at the entrance, it would take at least an hour! However, the experience was totally worthy since the exhibition extended the senses and perception of audiences. It was great enough that I decide to come back again as joining the Masterclass at NGV to learn more about the process from 2 senior curators and the exhibition designer.




Parrtjima – A lighting festival in the desert

As a visual artist who is into installation and interactive art, I came all the way long from Melbourne and took a couple days off to see the Parrtjima festival in Alice Springs.



Painting projection – This installation is such a success since it draws a lot of attention and interaction (from kids). A good reference for both motion and interactive design


The signature performance ‘The language of country” Ankhentype Aere-kenhe of kinship from the aboriginal culture in the outback during Parrtjima Lighting Festival 2019. Two kilometers of the MacDonnell Ranges would be the vivid canvas for a series of significant lighting effects.


Choose to be happy : )

It’s not about your age, your financial statement, your appearance, your background, your race, your gender, it’s about your choices. Do you want to be happy?

If things are out of your reach, let it go. That minute you regret and torture yourself would be wasted 60 seconds.

Little gems in the hustle bustle life

“The traffic is crazy. People are aggressive.” said by a Saigonese.

But according to a warm-hearted and also adventurous woman who lived in Vietnam for a while and traveled quite places, the country was gorgeous and beautiful. The memories were magical enough for her to collect those little treasures into calendars which would be a nice gift for your friends and family on Christmas and New Year.
This calendar is my first collaboration ever between me and a friend who is based in Sydney. A set of calendar includes 14 sheets, 1 piece wood and a lot of love and care from the makers : )  It would cost $15 AUD exclude the shipping fee.
Please support the living artist.
cover_outdoorsjune_studiodecember_outdoorsmap_outdoorsmarch_studionovember_ooien hwang 2oien hwangoutdoors 2outdoors

Wavy memoirs: adventure indie games

  1. Lieve Oma

Hi all,

I’m totally not a gamer and I just discovered by accident while I skimmed through a beautiful model on Sketchfab called Lieve Oma.


I read the description and was curious about the 3D game the model author mentioned so I googled “Lieve Oma” and I found it! This was an ah-hah moment to me, I realized I discovered a magical door to the great world of the independent indie entertainment world,

I think it would be fair enough to consider the game with Adventure genre like Lieve Oma as visual memoir or interactive art installation. You can reconstruct your dream again and let the player walk in it. It is amazing!

You can download the game here, it’s available for Window, MacOS, and Linux. Don’t forget to name your price to support the artist.


oma 1oma 2oma 3oma 4

 2. Sacramento

Vaporwave scene combines with loop visual makes the unique of Sacramento. The opening theme is inside a train and you expect to depart somewhere dreamy and out of this world in the gameplay.

sacra 2Sacra 3

Then, you appear at a station in a faraway Purple land.

Sacra 4Sacra 5


sacramento 1.jpg


3. Oases

Well, the game dev’s grandpa died in the war, but the flight seemed stunning… in OASES

o 1o 2o 3o 4