In a wink

Nothing is permanent even massive landscape and prosperous kingdoms. Life keeps moving on and adapting to many forms. If it’s nature we can’t resist, there’s no use for regret in our past lives.

Sound: Meditative cave made with Noise Sculptor

Visual: Made with Stylegan2 model on Artbreeder

Phù Thủy, witch, in the COVID-time

Well, it was a fun time one morning, I was just wanted to use the rest animation frame left from my Artbreeder subscription and that was how this video came up after 1 or 2 hours of me in the mood for daily practice.

I and a couple of friends in Paris planned to contribute something for Nổ Cái Bùm, the one and only magical contemporary art festival in Việt Nam so we made some songs together. My painter friend Segolene, Damien her boyfriend, and Bảo, the founder of NCB, and even Đồng Lan came up with 3 songs with Việt vocal. I also did a poem about my rough time in Huế this Tết due to mental breakdown from culture gap in the countryside. Also, apparently, Bảo couldn’t make it home since there was no commercial plane from France to Vietnam during the pandemic, and yes, Paris was in 3rd lockdown. Everything was postponed until September 2021. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, some new cases happened and NCB also got delayed. Unfortunately!

The lyric of this song was from Bảo’s poem about her sentiments abroad away from home during Tet, the most important time for family just like Christmas. I was pretty much happy with the cheerfulness in this visual but Segolene and Bao prefered something more original not classical paintings with AI technique. Anyway, I still loved it so I decided to post it here hehe.