Little gems in the hustle bustle life

“The traffic is crazy. People are aggressive.” said by a Saigonese.

But according to a warm-hearted and also adventurous woman who lived in Vietnam for a while and traveled quite places, the country was gorgeous and beautiful. The memories were magical enough for her to collect those little treasures into calendars which would be a nice gift for your friends and family on Christmas and New Year.
This calendar is my first collaboration ever between me and a friend who is based in Sydney. A set of calendar includes 14 sheets, 1 piece wood and a lot of love and care from the makers : )  It would cost $15 AUD exclude the shipping fee.
Please support the living artist.
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Support the living artist

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: D Nhiều khi đi trên đường chạy xe hay đêm nằm mơ được vô số ý tưởng hay mà cứ để chúng trôi tuột. Còn lúc ngồi vào bàn hay trước máy tính, cứ lướt hết trang này web nọ mà chẳng giải quyết được gì. Cho nên, lúc có ý hay loé lên trong đầu là phải chộp lấy ngay.
Mà ghi chép bằng tay sẽ giúp ghi nhớ tốt hơn 60% so với bình thường và 34% so với lưu trữ trên thiết bị điện tử. Kí hoạ và chép lại những ý tưởng ra giấy làm não “thông” hơn. Ok.
Sổ tay nhỏ nhắn cỡ A6 tiện dụng khi di chuyển với ruột giấy cream dày 50 tờ không sợ loan màu hay mực chỉ 50 ngàn sẽ giải quyết hết. Thiết kế mới với cặp cá âm dương trên nền bìa trắng có vân, tối giản, trang nhã.
Our great inventor, Thomas Edison, always carried a small notebook and a pencil to write down any idea exploding. So many times you miss out great ideas while riding or just walking up from a good rest. Do not! Write them down, sketch them up.
This tiny notebook will help you boost up the working process. The yin yang new design on the white minimal background is only $2,5. Also, when you get 5, you will receive a water color drawing in Vietnamese fairy style : ) Paypal and credit card. Ship global accepted! Leave me a message for further detail. Thanks guys. Cheers!


Society 6

I realize that I am not able to work for anyone. Employment sounds like a pain in the ass to me. Thus, I should run my own business or work as a freelancer. I work on Society6 which is a print-on-demand website. The flat form is neat and innovational. They ship global and attracts talented artist and designers around the world.

iPhone case, tote bag, art print and many others cool shit are available at:

Also, I start making some motion graphic too:

I’ve tried hard to make some sales from my creation : )