VR painting with Quill – Learning process

Day 1 – Dun even wants to share : D and dun even know how to save file

Day 2

Dragon uppp, Koi turns into dragon by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Day 3

Chalongoi – Mythical bird by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Day 7 – Evergreen valley

Evergreen valley – Quill Day 7 maybe by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Day 8 – The beginning of life

The beginning of life – Quill Day 8 by jojo_kyduyen on Sketchfab

Who are we – Confession room

The virtual space run by Unity and HTV Vive to simulate somewhere between sleeping and waking.

During the experimental concert Who are We, the audiences were encouraged to interact with our Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) installations at Salon Saigon. Thus, they become dreamers themselves.

VR.gif VR.jpg

The space the audience sees:

space 1space 2space 3space 4

Dark Gallery

I sold my first VR project! I proposed the VR experiment to my boss, Truc-Anh the painter, and let him experienced with VR cardboard. He was quite interested and asked me to build a virtual space like a diamond shape instead of a conventional cube. It took me a week to develop the space from rough sketches to cardboard. During the process, I have some obstacles with texture, camera, and collider, you can look at my journal for some helpful solutions.

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The gallery based on the octagon with 8 sides then we build up the wall, the ceiling, and the base without the ground to create the illusional enigma. The gallery is to exhibit murals of dense collage portraits in black and white, which brings certain discomfort and haunt toward the audience. The experience would be considered overwhelming and pretty intensive.
Music: Alone in Kyoto by Air

My first VR landscape

I aimed to create a trippy environment for psychedelic people. The primary concept was LSD but I hadn’t taken it yet at that time so basically, I just made up a surreal universe.

Enigma universe srcreenshotunity

Basically, you just need a Phone and a cheap and handy Google cardboard to experience Virtual Reality  (VR).

My mom enjoyed my first VR even she got a headache

This was how it looked when you put the VR glass in your head.