The loner n the nomad

The loner iwh



Anh em bảo bọc ta
Lấy đất làm miếng đệm
Biến trời thành tấm chăn
Thiên hạ bao la nơi đâu cũng là nhà. ——
Da brothers cover my back
I have the Ground make my bed
I turn the Sky into my blanket
In this gigantic world, home is all over the places.

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Parrtjima – A lighting festival in the desert

As a visual artist who is into installation and interactive, I came all the way long from Melbourne and took a couple days off to see the Parrtjima festival in Alices Springs.

Painting projection – This installation is such a success since it draws a lot of attention and interaction (from kids). A good reference for both motion and interactive design

The signature performance ‘The language of country” Ankhentype Aere-kenhe of kinship from the aboriginal culture in the outback during Parrtjima Lighting Festival 2019. Two kilometers of the MacDonnell Ranges would be the vivid canvas for a series of significant lighting effects.

Bird in flower

I made this drawing from observation during the lunch break at work. My employer was a big fan of birds, he took care of them like golden children. I was so amused by them and naturally, they became my muses. Just from those quick sketches, my interest in birds raised by the time, I realized that I paid more attention to those beautiful creatures on the way home and whenever I am outdoors.



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