5 : 45 pm

I came up with sound first while messing around with Arcade by Output

Why 5: 45? Cos there’re only 15 mins left before the restricted hours to decide for staying home or getting fresh air outside. Short of time that risk is guaranteed but yet long enough to make a move. Also, while making this track, I found myself floated in a thin fog with a nice breeze exactly as my feeling one day looking at the sky before the sunset. It’s gorgeous but melancholy since the regret that another day passed and you might have missed something. With those sentiments, I built up this scene in Unreal and super content to achieve the lighting effect from my imagination.

Day 13 and 14: Drops in the deepest ocean

Take a break from intense learning Blender, I shift my focus on making sound in the next couple days since I’ve just bought a new midi controller. Yay!

This morning I woke up by the heavy rain and I was so motivated to discover new sound pack. You can listen to my ambience track I’ve just made this morning here:

Short version with visual