Salvation in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts.  Cool town.  Witch town.  Free spirit.  Great museum.  Peabody Essex Museum (PEM).  The work mentioned is Intersections by Anila Quayyum Agha.

Filmed at the PEM. Directed by Jo Ngo




The wheels of bike start spinning when you move the pedals. But instead of linking to the wheels, the chain connects to a huge circle dish, which makes it spin around. Just put a paper on the dish and spray the pain, you’ll make amazing art while riding the spin cycle. The idea belongs to Boston makers:

I captured those circular paintings and made a short film of them.

Music: Red clay – Buddha Beat









In 1998, AIB merged with Lesley College

18 Illustration by Thomas Kerr, AIB faculty member, to comemorate the merger between the Art Institute of Boston and Lesley College in 1998

Illustration by Thomas Kerr to comemorate the merger 



The Art Institute of Boston was founded by Roy Davidson in 1912
as the School of Practical Art.

AIB’s early philosophy was based on Davidson’s
own belief that “beauty comes from the use.”
The school opened in Davison’s own studio,
3 small rooms in Boston’s Back Bay.


Calender  of the School of Practical Art (1931)

6 Page 23 of the 1931 Academic Catalog of the School of Practical Art.jpg

The School of Practical Art  was one of the first private, nonaffiliated studio schools in the United States



12 AIB, Contact Sheet, 1984, 1
7 Open House, Art Institute of Boston, 1968.png


 In Autumn 2013, the University officially changed the name of the Art Institute of Boston to the Lesley University College of Art and Design (LUCAD).



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AIB background drawing

School of Practical Art Portraiture Class, circa 1945

Co-ed classroom full of students during a portraiture class at the School of Practical Art. All students, who are dressed very formally, are drawing on canvases. The portrait is of a woman with a flower in her hair.




AIB painting circle.png

You see that all drawings consisted in the very same style: Memetic.








But here are my works from Figure Drawing class. We have naked model and the class is very liberal. I have own freedom in my hand.









11 Lunder © Robert Benson.jpg
Painting class at Lunder Art Center, Lesley University College of Arts & Design – Credit: Robert Benson


Art Barn, May 1958
May, 1958 Photograph Photograph of 16 Lesley College students in art class painting


However, I love seeing the student life at that time. They had so much fun together.







Art school is the very first project that I put so much attempt to look for material and reference on the web. It is based on the archive of my college. I have a deeper view of my art school, Lesley University College of Art and Design (LUCAD). Otherwise, the purpose of this research still comes from my personal concern, should I be patient with my choice of going to an art school. Art career is very challenging and only the minority of my Asian community choose this direction. A semester at LUCAD takes a fortune that a country Vietnamese working hard to earn and Boston is an expensive city so  I have very high expectation for my education: to get connected with art community and learn how to survive as a visual artist. However, I feel discouraged sometimes and I just do not believe in the comfort of college life.