Mermaid Dance – La danse des Sirènes

From the deep thirst for salvation, I have been constantly seeking tranquility in my practice from the very first days. The more I search, the more I realize the true balance is just always there from the inside since each of us is already a magnificent universe. An intimate conversation with our inner selves would allow that spiritual journey to begin. Gathering from that mental pool for a while, I came up with some visual patterns and meditative soundscapes that convey the immersive reflection I would love to lure the audiences inside. As how all East Asian philosophy of zen processing in just one word “quên” (forget) and “quen” (know, get familiar with) in Vietnamese, the thin line between living and existing is just like that. Just naturally as how we breathe.


with performers from @winterstory_in_a_wildjungle Winter story in the Wild jungle @salomedgdl @yuzou_lgrd @eloisevillart
Photo and videos courtesy of Sarah Trouche

Perform Festival:
Medoc, France