Make us visible Worms, Germany

👉 “Make us visible x Worms”

📲 Using “Augmented Reality”, historically significant women from Worms appear directly in front of you on your mobile phone at 5 locations – embedded in the real environment 🙋‍♀️

This is how the art project can be experienced:
🤳 With a smartphone + internet access
🤳 Scan the large QR code on the purple location boards
🤳 Audio tour + get more information via smaller CR code

These important women from Worms will receive a virtual monument:
🟪 Mathilde Geiger & Elisabeth Mendel 📍 In front of the town hall
🟪 Emma Giesen 📍 Neumarkt 14/Tourist Info
🟪 Maria Elisabeth Kranzbühler 📍Obermarkt/corner of Martinsgasse
🟪 Elise Blenker 📍Parmaplatz
🟪 Wilhelmine & Hedwig Michel 📍 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 4

🎭 The art project was implemented by the artist collective around XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble) and “DenkFemale” in collaboration with the city’s equal opportunities office and the city archive.