Inside Out – Vancouver Mural Festival 2021


I see the beauty, chances, and bright side during a hard time, I hope people can find joy in this mixed reality work. The experience allows the audiences to explore the photosphere which is in a form of Coronavirus but full of colorful bio-art and magical lighting contracting to the depressing pandemic.


Jo’s AR will also be accompanied by a physical installation that participants can walk through. An extension of the AR experience, the gallery will feature printed digital images generated with the technology of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), a model of machine learning.

“Jo’s AR piece for VMF Winter Arts, “Inside Out”, is something everyone can relate to as it focuses on finding beauty during this time despite the pandemic. Watch as the entrancing photosphere expands and contracts, or take a view from the inside to see the colours and patterns up close! Experience some momentary relief from the collective stress of the last eleven months with Jo’s joyous artwork.” – VMF blog

AR effect:
XR experience