I just make some money at 2am

2 am by Kenny Floreat, the music is just perfect for the timing and my mood. Hell yeah!

Ok, here I come, another late night cooking some visual. I just got a particle package and I was so thrilled to play around with it! Well, it’s Sunday and Independence Day in Saigon but I didn’t feel the holiday at all. I worked on the VR project with a filmmaker for his anthropology class in Berlin, he’s an eccentric but cool guy. I still needed to overcome some technical probs to export the huge file into a mobile but a develop friend agreed to help me in such a beautiful and enthusiastic manner. Let see if I could make it by next weekend.  Also, I hanged out at a pool party for a little social life besides computer time but I deeply realized that I was not sociable at all! Not at all! I’d rather chill on my own with a book, a notebook, a sketchbook, a laptop or a motorbike. Quiet people have big thoughts man!