So easy

Woo, it’s already 2:44 am? Another fun night to cook some vaporwave, psychedelic visual. I’m so into the nebula sky and flying mode these days. Yes, and the brilliant music is So Easy by Royksopp.

Swim with the moon

Swim with the moon

A gift for my friend, chef Ale Sorti : ) Happy belated birthday.

I tried hard to make something like kitchen, restaurant, food, and cook but my mind is too psychedelic and off this world yeah so I hope he doesn’t hate this universe : )
Music: Black Lagoon by Still Corners

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Acid girl

No one in the architecture industry doesn’t know Falling Water designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. But you don’t have to travel to Pennsylvania to experience this masterwork, Acid girl would let you explore the trippy interior and architecture experience as long as enigma landscape surrounding. Get high and educate yourself at the same time, what else you can ask for?

For the working process:

I actually did take 1/2 dose for research purpose. To build up a virtual psychedelic world, I’m supposed to experiment in a vivid way. This is how I see the world when I am on LSD : )


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