Landscape traveler

So many things to learn, so overwhelming but so exciting! Another late spaghetting the visual : ) My brain is melting inside, I need to cool it down with a good rest though. No more tea or cigarette before working then ~ . ~



Every thing you do

I would love to do more but I left the charger at the studio. Fuck me ~. ~  I was in the mood, and my laptop was out of battery. Anyway, I should shift to visual scripting not just stop at purchasing particle from other developers. I am a dev myself too!

I am thinking of learning Java in Processing to make some dope visual creation from algorithms. I just found a decent book named “Algorithms for visual design Using the Processing Language” by Kostas Terzidis. Well, let take this occasion to have a good read then : )
This my new favorite song, Locket by Crumb yay!